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Valentina Meloni

valentina-meloni-2-2Valentina Meloni, born in Rome in 1976, has been writing poetry and tales for several years. She lives in Valdichiana and leads a rather retracted life in contact with woods and all the natural beauties that surround and inspire her. She is currently writing fairy tales and stories for children, she is dedicated to poetry and writes reviews for specialized magazines. She has published for poetry: Nei Giardini di Suzhou (In the Gardens of Suzhou, FusibiliaLibri, 2015), Le regole del controdolore (The Rules against Pain, Temperino Rosso, 2016), Alambic (Progetto Cultura, 2017). And Storia di Goccia (Drop History, Librido, 2017), illustrated fairy tale. She is editor, for the interviews colums, in the Euterpe Literature Magazine, for the essays and reviews columns, (InSistences and InDications) in Diwali-magazine contaminated. She writes on other literary and cultural magazines such as: L’area di Broca, LaRecherche and her eco-poetry and deep ecology blogs. Moreover, in 2007, she founded the group “Those Who Talk to the Trees” and the “Poems on the Tree” blog, where she draws public attention to themes of deep ecology and respect for nature through the publication of eco-poems. She can be contacted at Web: