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Annie Ernaux


"Annie Thérèse Blanche Ernaux (b. 1940), a French writer, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2022. In 1974, Ernaux started her literary career with her autobiographical novel Les Armoires Vides (Cleaned Out). Her art of writing blends personal and historical experiences in her autobiographical works." — Abnish Singh Chauhan


Video- 1: Annie Ernaux discusses her genre-bending work


Courtesy: PBS NewsHour


Video- 2: Annie Ernaux: "I'm nobody when I write."


Courtesy: Louisiana Channel



Jon Fosse


“Jon Olav Fosse, born on September 29, 1959, is a renowned Norwegian poet, playwright, novelist, translator and essayist. His literary repertoire is extensive, encompassing a number of novels, poems, children’s books, essays, and theatre plays. His works have been translated into more than four dozen languages of the world. Though his first published novel— Raudt, svart (Red, Black), debuted in 1983, he considers his short story— ‘Han’ (He), published in a student newspaper in 1981, as his true literary debut. In April 2022, his novel— A New Name: Septology VI-VII, translated into English by Damion Searls, received critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the International Booker Prize. In October 2023, his remarkable contribution to literature was once again acknowledged at the international level as he became the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature “for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable.” — Abnish Singh Chauhan


Video- 1: Jon Fosse, Norwegian Writer, Wins the Nobel Literature Prize


Courtesy: Time


Video- 2: Jon Fosse: 'A world phenomenon in both literature and drama'  


Courtesy: FRANCE 24 English



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