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Creation and Criticism

ISSN: 2455-9687  

(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 01, Issue 02 : July 2016

Five Poems of Kapardeli Eftichia

Dr Kapardeli Eftichia was born in Athens on 5th November 1968. She studied journalism at AKEM (Athenian Training Center), University of Cyprus, Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus. She has a passion for writing poetry, stories, essays and xai-kouys. She is a member of the International Writers, The World Poets Society and the Poetas Del Mundo. She resides at Mezonos 229, TK 26222, Patras, Greece and can also be contacted at

1. May


Small joys of May

butterflies inside

blossom leaves

boats with sails open like

mind and heart

touch the stars

like free birds



Small joys of May

carefree small brides

under the same sky

flushed cheeks

flowers expensive

in lips

painted, defenceless

in love.


Small joys of May

Sweet drops beauty

lily blossoms and

the thoughts spread like

gold ivy

glide to light



2. Scattered Flowers


Gestures vain like

uprooted trees

within the authorized bodies

bare and unresponsive

rainy weather

the state is sinking

in the murky passages

angels around


memories and forgetfulness

how to mingle light

with shadow.


At the tender heart

the silent land

the call, the bid.


Scattered blossoms

in oblivion, in sorrow,

to beg in fire



whose heart bows

and loves.


3. Awake

From the life born

from the shackles of the earth
the redemption
by love companionship
from the heart of beauty.


Awake to life, freed
light, be eternal
from the shackles of the earth
be redeemed
the fearless love
and heart
to share.


4. The Kiss of Freedom

On stone
the kiss of freedom.

On Winter nights
on icy nights
requested by children of
their mothers embrace
fate fills 
the empty room.

What is your ruin

eerie voices
and these wild birds
flying past
to live the dream 
of freedom.


5. Red Crops

Before I was born

in the vast material ...
without touch.

In the dark
grew up
the crowd, listing in
sacrifice the roar.


Travelled emaciated

from hunger and
solid walls
to marble my wings
shivers in horror.

Silently bodies around me
drift, slide
inappropriately to unequal
balances in limbo

Red crops of the Sun
which watered with
excess blood friends
and buried roots...
cries muffled
heard every night
pierce the veins, air
fire, water—
they do not die.


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