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Jan-April 2018

Five Poems of Marie Shine

Marie Shine (1950) is a poet of Listowel, the literary capital of Ireland. She started her journey as a poet in 1965 with her first poem ‘Galway -v- Kerry’ published in a national newspaper The Evening Herald. After that she wrote a number of poems appeared in various magazines and newspapers across the globe, but her first collection of poetry My Potpourri of Poetry could come out very late in 2011. Moreover, some of her poems have been anthologized in a book produced by The Just Write Group of Listowel called Hearth Song and also in The Ballydonoghue Journal among others. She has also been the editor of A String of Words, a collection of poems of five poets. Her poetic talent was recognized in June 2005 when she came 2nd in The Dunlavin Arts Festival of Poetry and in July 2007 when she got 2ndposition with her English poems in 'The Irish Christian Fellowship Association'. She resides at 32, Ballygologue Park, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland- V31 EC84 and can be contacted at


1. A Different Point of View


Get to know me as a person

before you pass judgment on me.

Slip on my shoes and walk my way,

through my eyes you will clearly see


that life is seldom how we perceive.

We do not know the ends and outs,

the blows in life we all receive,

the haunting fears and nagging doubts


But in my shoes soon you will see

The Path of Life I’ve wrought.

You may then be surprised to find

all is not as you once thought!


2. Early Morning Sun


The sun shines on our cottage thatch

turning its sheaves to strands of gold

which glitter in the morning sun

filling us with joy untold.


The sky is azure blue and bright.

Not a single cloud to be seen

and as we sit to breakfast, dear

we feast so happy, King and Queen.


Little birds whisper from nearby trees.

Our cat basks upon the wall,

delighting in the warmth, he quickly comes

in answer to our ‘breakfast call’.


Inside, shadows dance across the floor.

Swept up in your arms, we lovingly kiss.

Our music playing in the background

your velvet touch causes my heart a beat to miss.


So much to be thankful for.

Two hearts that beat as one

havefound their own sweet patch of heaven

in the glow of the beautiful morning’s sun

3. Feeling Uninspired


I put my pen to paper.

Pray for inspiration to come.

Help me write some words

happy, joyous, fun.


It seems a mighty struggle

to get words on to the page.

They seem stuck, refuse to flow

as if trapped within a cage.


I turn the paper over and

use my brand new pen.

A word, a sentence will not come.

My efforts are in vain!


Now, it’s time to give up!

Instead music I will play

and hope for inspiration

tomorrow if not today!

4. First Light


A flicker of light trickled through

the black obsidian sky.

Narrow ribbons of pink, lemon and baby blue

interwoven here and there.

Gun metal grey clouds dispersed

as they floated gently by.

Day break emerged from the darkened

womb raw and bare.

In celebration ‘The Dawn Chorus’

raised its voice in praise,

lulling the new born sunrise

as it greeted the day.

The transparent moon disappeared.

The sun returned in light filled rays.

I watched in stunned silence,

dazed by its beauty
as I went on my way.

5. Love Is A Mystery


Isn’t it funny how love appears

when we least expect it to?

It comes from out of empty space,

turns up out of the blue.


It may not stay forever.

It may be just passing through.

You may not know the future,

but it will unfold for you.


Little by little, step by step

cherish each perfect day.

Then one morning you will wake up

to find that love is here……… to stay!



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