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Creation and Criticism

ISSN: 2455-9687  

(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol.03, Joint Issue 08 & 09 : Jan-April 2018

Inspirational Thoughts of A K Sood

Motivational speaker and bright professor A. K. Sood is currently teaching and training the students and researchers in the Department of Management, SRM University, Sonepat, Haryana. He has an industry as well academic experience of over 37 years. He can be contacted at

Hard work beats the talent:

if talent does not work hard.


It is better to sit alone:

rather to be surrounded by the fake people.


Let the faith prevail:

as the faith is taking the first step, even when you have not seen the whole staircase.


Every problem has essentially an opportunity hidden under it:

dig it out.


Enjoy every moment:

as nothing is going to be repeated in this short life.


If you want to be successful:

believe only in your efforts, without bothering what the others are doing.


Correct decisions can double the confidence:

and wrong decisions can double the experience.


Always remain positive by saying:

yes, I am smart, I am capable, I am talented and I am loved.


Life is a wonderful journey:

full of amazement and extended opportunities, so celebrate every moment.


Set aside past, start afresh:

as if today is the first day of your extended joyful and happy life.


Life is not about what we lost so far:

it is about what we can still achieve.


To be happy and to enjoy life:

forget your past and live in the present.


Key to happiness is:

to maintain balance in all situations.


Greatest gift is:

to give joy and happiness to others.


If success is not achieved:

even after all complete and sincere efforts, then leave it to God.


Two great healers are: God and Time.


Smile, Pray and Love, makes feel better, make strong:

and makes to feel joy and lead to enjoy life.


We should not be worried about the obstacles coming in our path:

rather, we should consider these obstacles as ladders, leading to our progress in our life.


One should not feel jealous of others;

rather, should consider an opportunity to improve upon oneself.


Not learning from our previous mistakes:

is the biggest mistake, that we commit.


Best rule for simple life is:

care for no season, love with no expectations.


Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;

an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty;

therefore, be optimist in life and stay positive.


Life is simple, don’t complicate it unnecessarily:

make it simple.


Never be perturbed by difficulties in your way of achieving your destination:

as difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


Darkness of the night always ends with brightness of the day:

therefore, never lose patience and hope under any circumstances.



Ensure that your heart and mind is absolutely clean:

before offering words to others.


Always have the best of behavior:

because, it can change your life forever.


Let yourself be adjusting and compromising:

as successful life requires a lot of adjustments and compromises.


Always compare your achievements with your goals:

and never compare your achievements with the failures of others.


Self-care is essential for the recovery process:

as path of wellness begins on the roads of recovery.


To make a positive change in your life:

you must make a choice, to take a chance;

or your life will never change.


Avail all possible opportunities in your life:

least you should regret the opportunities you  lost, in your later part of life.


If you have the choice, choose the best;

if you don't have the choice, then do the best.


Don't allow your trust to be weakened;

as trust is like an eraser which becomes smaller and smaller after each mistake.


Spending time with children:

is more important than spending money on them.


Smile and silence are the powerful weapons:

to solve and avoid many problems.


Success happens when preparation meets the opportunity:

 prepare yourself!


Don't make excuses:

make improvements.


If you change your mind:

you change your life.


No matter how you feel:

get up, dress up, show up and never give up.


The biggest source of your motivation is your own thoughts:

 therefore, think big and motivate yourself to win.


The secret to living well and longer life is:

eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.


The greatest pleasure in life is:

doing what people say you can’t do.


Every day, in your life, brings new aspirations, hopes and opportunities:

therefore, treat every day as a second chance in your life to fulfill your dreams.


Love all, but trust few:

because everything is real, but not everyone is true.


Never compare yourself to others:

because comparing yourself to others closes the doors of your happiness.


Always welcome the changes that take place in your life, surroundings, environment or organization:

as these changes always bring new opportunities with them, meant to be exploited.


To live the life of your imaginations:

move in the direction of your dreams.


Success does not come by an accident:

it comes through hard work, perseverance and sacrifice.


Comparing your life with others is like comparing the Sun with the Moon:

both of them shine, but at their own times.


Don't harden your heart with hard realities of life:

as the best lessons in life are learnt at the worst time.


Don't worry about your failures:

instead, worry about the chances you missed, having not even tried.



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