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Vol. 02, Joint Issue 06 & 07 : July-Oct 2017


Youth Poetry Competition at IIT, Delhi




delhi-6Delhi: 'Youth Poetry Competition' under the annual cultural festival— 'Rendezvous 2017' was magnificently organized at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi on Sunday, Oct 15, 2017, in which several students from various educational institutions across the country participated with enthusiasm. This enchanting program organized in the Lecture Theater of the Institute started with the lighting of the lamp by author Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan from SRM University Delhi-NCR and young poet Anand Raj from Gurgaon.


In 'Youth Poetry Competition', the participants, selected through more than 30 search committees, gave their striking presentations in different genres of poetry. In this four-day program, organized under the joint aegis of Hindi Samiti and Matribhasha Parivar, 204 young poets from educational institutions across the country participated with their self-composed compositions and out of these participants, on the basis of their performance 20 students were selected for the final round. Abnish Singh Chauhan and Anand Raj were invited as judges to preside over the programme.


delhi-13In the final round, Pushpendra Bhadauria, Avinesh Singh, Shubham Dwivedi, Kajal, Nisha Sharma, Aman Gupta, Onkar Singh Rathore, Sudhan Singh, Shree Harsh, Nitin Sharma, Pankaj Narayan, Shivatma Shrimali, Alok Tripathi, Sudhanshu Kumar, Divyanshu Tripathi, etc. presented their poems before the audience. After that, on the basis of the content of the poetic compositions and their presentation, the esteemed members of the jury— Abnish Singh Chauhan and Anand Raj gave their decision, in which the first and third prizes went to Sudhan Singh and Onkar Singh Rathore (in lyric genre) and second prize was given to Sudhanshu Kumar (in free verse).


On this occasion, the keynote speaker— Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan captivated the audience while doing a serious analysis of the poems presented by the participants. Giving heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the young creators of poetry, Dr Chauhan said that young creators are stepping into the world of poetry with their new thinking, which must be welcomed. He also presented two of his lyrics on this occasion. Expressing gratitude to the organizers, young poet— Anand Raj said that trend of writing poetry in technical institution can be called a good initiative. Navneet Pandey, the editor of Matribhasha magazine, thanked the participants and said that if youth becomes creative writer in this scientific age, their work will surely enrich the society. Prashant Dwivedi, an important member of the Matribhasha family said that our students will not only learn the essence of life through poetry, but also will work to show the way to the society.


On this occasion, the students from IIT, Delhi and other institutes of the country thoroughly enjoyed the poetic compositions and the speeches given on it and warmly welcomed the distinguished guests. The programme was jointly managed and coordinated by Navneet Pandey and Nikhil Chauhan (IIT, Delhi) under the guidance of the Prof Jyoti Kumar, Samrat Mukhopadhyay, Rishabh Nagpal and Prof H.Kumar. Prabhat Kumar did beautiful photography of the event, while the programme was successfully anchored by Vaibhav Verma, a young student of IIT, Delhi.











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